Switch Stands

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SWITCH STANDSRacor 22 ERacor 36 EHThe Racor 22 E and 22 EH are extra-heavy-duty trailable switch stands. The low stand 22 E is for yard, ladder and busy switch turnouts, where trains often run through switches. The 22 EH is constructed of identical base housing and operating parts, but features a high mast and target, providing increased visibility where needed. The 22 E and 22 EH can be trailed or thrown manually. When a train runs through the switch, switch points are partially opened by the wheel ˚anges, and the throw is completed automatically. This eliminates expensive repairs to stand, track and derailed equipment that result when a train runs through a switch with a rigid stand.The Racor 36 E and 36 EH are extra- heavy-duty non-trailable switch stands for unrestricted use. Both models have identical base housing and operating parts. The 36 E is most often used for yard operations, while the 36 EH, with high mast and target, is suitable for mainline use.All switch stands shown on this page are supplied with an adjustable connecting rod and screw eye crank which permits accurate setting of the points without re-spiking the stand. They also come with the ergonomic fitrihandle." This triangular hand lever has a grasp point that is 30 inches above the ground, helping to prevent risky bending and lifting. The typical 180° movement of the lever has been reduced to 120°, so the switch can be thrown with minimal operator motion. SWITCH STANDSModel 51 AThe Harmer Pavement Switch Stand is designed for use where switches are in paved areas. It is installed outside the tracks like any standard switch stand. When speci˜ed, it can be supplied with fabricated boxes to surround the connecting rod. This stand can be equipped with either a screw-eye or a breakable crank. The screw-eye allows for greater adjustment of the throw, but the breakable crank protects the installation from damage if the switch is accidentally trailed. The height of the stand is 6-1/4 inches inches, but it can be shimmed up for larger rail sections so that it will be ˚ush with the top of the rail. In some cases, an offset connecting rod should be used. Contact a Harmer representative to help determine the best connecting rod and crank to use for your application.Model 51 A is a heavy duty non-trailable switch stand of gear-type construction. It utilizes a breakable crank so that if it is trailed through, the crank will break before other more expensive parts are damaged. The crank has two posts so that if one gets broken, the other can be utilized. The crank is available in various lengths, but the most common one yields a 4-3/4 inches throw. Small adjustments in the throw can be made from inside the stand without disconnecting the stand from the rods. Adjustments are made by means of shims which adjust (but do not entirely remove) the free play on either side of the spindle lug. The shims are easy to reach in storage spaces under the adjustment cover at the top of the stand. Model 51 A is equipped with an ergonomic bow handle and non-integral foot latches.Straight Connecting RodOffset Connecting RodBreakable CrankScrew Eye